A St. Louis woman who was accused of several felony crimes after allegedly dropping her toddler in a trash bin has been cleared of all wrongdoing. The woman, who was slated to go to trial for first-degree murder and child abuse in late October, has had all charges dismissed in connection with the case. Now, an internal investigation is pending against a local police officer who is suspected of compromising the evidence in the case.

Authorities report that the 30-year-old woman was charged with the death of her 18-month-old son after he was found dead in a trash bin behind her apartment building. The toddler had suffered serious injuries as the result of a beating, according to officers, who noted that the child's brain, neck and ribs had been injured. Further investigation showed that the baby's liver was lacerated and he began bleeding internally.

Specific information about the case's dismissal has not been released, as the department has a policy of keeping such information confidential when a case is closed. The mother is no longer a suspect in the case, and police officers are encouraging anyone with information about the death to come forward.

The case is still under investigation, as an officer related to the inquiry was found to have withheld information during the initial proceedings. Officers never pursued a case against the woman's ex-boyfriend, according to courtroom records, because the statements about that man's whereabouts were never communicated to homicide detectives. The boyfriend reportedly admitted to killing the toddler during the early stages of the investigation.

This case shows the value of a fair legal system that will protect and promote the rights of criminal suspects. When further evidence came forward, legal officials appropriately cleared the defendant of all wrongdoing. Now, the mother can mourn the loss of her child while maintaining hope that the real criminal will be caught and punished for the baby's death.

Source:  www.stltoday.com, "Murder charges dropped against mother of toddler found in St. Louis trash bin" Joel Currier, Oct. 14, 2013