A Missouri man is facing criminal charges in connection with a road-rage incident that occurred in Lincoln County on Oct. 5. The man, age 23, is accused of first-degree assault in connection with the incident, which happened when the man fired a pistol at another vehicle. In addition to the assault charges, the man faces allegations of unlawful use of a weapon and resisting arrest.

Authorities report the defendant is accused of tailgating a vehicle with three 18-year-old occupants. The man reportedly flashed his lights at the other driver, so the young people pulled into the slow lane to accommodate his desire to go faster. As the man pulled past the vehicle, he made an obscene gesture at the other driver. After the man had passed, the occupants of the other vehicle said they found him waiting for them at an overpass. The defendant drove next to the younger driver at a slow rate of speed and pulled out a gun, which he aimed at the passenger in the front seat, according to police officers. Luckily, the shot did not strike an occupant, but it did damage the front end of the car.

The occupants of the other vehicle contacted police officers as soon as the man sped away. He was then confronted by officers on Highway 61. When the man got out of his vehicle, he appeared to be reaching for something in his pockets. He then fled into a nearby cornfield on foot. Authorities finally apprehended the man during the early-morning hours, after he had been hiding in the cornfield for some time. He admitted to having a pistol in his pocket, but he said he lost it in the field. In addition, three weapons were found in the man's car.

Fortunately, no one in the car was harmed in the incident. The man admitted to possessing a gun, but it is not clear whether he has admitted to firing the shot. In such weapons crimes cases, defendants can benefit from the advice of a qualified criminal defense attorney, who can help them learn more about their rights and responsibilities in court.

Source:  www.stltoday.com, "Road rage suspect charged after fleeing cops, hiding in cornfield in Lincoln County" Susan Weich, Oct. 07, 2013