A man from St. Charles, Missouri, is facing charges for felony crimes after he brandished and fired a shotgun at people who were toilet-papering his yard. The man, age 51, was reportedly irate when he noticed the group on Sept. 21 after his wife brought the activity to his attention. He is now facing charges of discharging a weapon at a motor vehicle in connection with the incident.

Authorities report that the man's wife noticed several people with toilet paper in the couple's front yard at about 11:30 p.m. When the man knocked on the window, the trespassers fled back into their vehicles. At that point, the man ran into the house to fetch the gun. He ran outside, brandishing the weapon and pointing at several vehicles without firing. It appears that the man may have mistaken a neighbor returning home for a member of the toilet-papering party, however, shooting her vehicle instead. The 61-year-old woman was driving her 64-year-old sister and another 26-year-old passenger at the time of the incident. When the woman attempted to drive around the defendant as he stood in the road, he struck her vehicle with his hand and then shot the small SUV.

The woman did not notice that her vehicle had been shot until she pulled into her garage, where she found that one of her tires had been deflated. Shortly after the incident, the man was arrested and bail was set at $20,000. He admitted to shooting the woman's vehicle because he thought the car was full of toilet-paperers returning to the scene of their alleged crime.

In this case, the man has already admitted that he discharged the firearm in his neighborhood. Criminal defense attorneys in the case can ensure that the defendant's rights are protected as he goes through the legal process, which could include punishment such as jail time and fines. Every criminal defendant deserves adequate representation in court.

Source:  www.stltoday.com, "TPers anger St. Charles man who gets shotgun, shoots at passing car, police say" Susan Weich, Sep. 23, 2013