A Missouri state representative has resigned from one of his posts after he was arrested for drug charges in August. The man, age 33, had held a major leadership position in the state government, heading up the House Democrats' fundraising efforts. He was arrested on Aug. 25 when officers discovered the drug in his vehicle after a routine traffic stop. The man had reportedly failed to pay for a previous traffic citation, which prompted the confrontation with officers.

The man is accused of possessing less than 1.2 ounces of marijuana. He was also said to be in possession of a pipe.

Even though the man has resigned as the leader of the Democrats' fundraising efforts, it is important to realize that he has not abandoned his post in the state government. The freshman legislator contends that the charges could have been a distraction in the fundraising role, though he does not believe that the allegations will prevent him from doing his civic duty. Meanwhile, conservative Republicans are calling for the man's seat in the legislature, saying that he has broken serious laws and should step down. Remember, the man has simply been accused, not convicted.

Even state and national legislators make mistakes. In this instance, however, the man has conceded that he made a poor decision, but he stresses that he was not driving under the influence of the drug. In addition, the man said that he expects to be treated fairly and equally, just like every other Missouri resident who faces marijuana possession charges.

Many Americans face marijuana possession charges without losing their jobs. In this case, it is debatable whether the Republican representatives have a case against the man, especially considering that he has been neither convicted nor sentenced. The man has insisted that he expects fair treatment, which he has a right to receive in the American court system.

Source:  www.stltoday.com, "Missouri lawmaker arrested for marijuana possession" Elizabeth Crisp, Aug. 27, 2013