A tragic tale of two Brandons has resulted in drunk driving charges for one man after the other was killed. The driver and the victim, both named Brandon, met over drinks during the Thanksgiving holiday in 2012. Now, the at-fault driver has received his sentence: Six months' jail time.

Official reports indicate both of the men had been in trouble with the law for drunk driving in the past. The victim, age 26, was still on probation after a DWI charge. The 28-year-old driver was spending time in a federal drunk driving program after a park ranger nabbed him when his vehicle blew a tire and he blew a 0.213 percent BAC. Shortly after the pair's fateful meeting, they both decided to depart from the bar. It was then that tragedy struck. As the younger man was walking away from the establishment, he stumbled into the street. The older Brandon struck the victim and then drove away. The horrifying incident was caught by a security camera.

The victim died at the scene. He reportedly suffered from acute alcohol intoxication, as well. The driver in the case admitted to police that he had consumed several beverages at the bar that night, including mixed drinks and beer. His BAC was measured at 0.24 percent. That value is three times the legal limit for driving.

In this instance, the driver was able to escape manslaughter charges because of state-specific laws. In Missouri, a driver has to be demonstrating some other negligent act, not just drunk driving, in order to sustain manslaughter charges. A thorough investigation showed the driver was not breaking the law in any other way. As a result, he was only sentenced for misdemeanor DWI. Prosecutors admitted the situation was unfortunate, but they are bound to uphold the legal structure mandated by the state.

In this case, the driver will spend just six months in jail, and he will not suffer from a felony conviction. A simple DWI arrest and even a resulting tragedy does not have to derail your future under Missouri law. If you are facing drunk-driving charges, contact a criminal defense attorney today.

Source:  www.stltoday.com, "When two Brandons cross paths at St. Louis tavern, their fates are linked" Jennifer Mann, Jul. 28, 2013