Authorities report the 20-year-old man who nearly succeeded in abducting a child in the St. Louis, Missouri, area claims that a voice told him to snatch the girl. The young man, who is known to have a history of violent behavior, is facing felony charges in the case. He is accused of felony child kidnapping, an offense that could lead to a 10- to 30-year jail term.

Authorities report the man grabbed the girl in front of a Wentzville home during the lunch-time hour on Aug. 18. The girl was sitting on a porch with a friend when the man approached them. When he suddenly grabbed the 7-year-old, her mother gave chase. The man reportedly dropped the girl on a lawn and fled the scene, leaving the alleged victim unharmed.

The man was apprehended by police shortly after the incident. He is said to have admitted that he took the girl because he wanted to harm someone, though he could not explain his motivation for doing so. Sadly, the man had been released from jail just 10 days before attempting to take the girl. He allegedly choked his sister several times. She was able to grab her child and escape from the home. The defendant said he felt like he lost control during that incident. His bail had been set at $15,000 in connection with that offense, but a judge lowered the amount to permit his release.

The man's bail in this case has been set at $200,000.

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Source:, "Wentzville man says voice told him to grab 7-year-old girl off front porch" Susan Weich, Aug. 19, 2013