A 58-year-old Missouri man is facing criminal charges after he allegedly left his sick wife in a recliner for several days. The man is accused of several felony crimes in connection with the incident, in which he allegedly left his emaciated 73-year-old wife in a chair for so long that she developed bedsores. He is officially charged with second-degree elder abuse.

The home in which the woman was found was said to have been squalid; maggots, flies, cockroaches and other vermin were discovered throughout the building. In addition, the entire house was cluttered and unclean, posing even more difficulties for paramedics and technicians who were called to assist the woman. The man contended that the woman simply stopped talking and became immobile. He said he considered calling for help, but her condition worsened so rapidly that he did not know what to do, and he simply gave up.

Emergency responders reported that the woman weighed just 70 pounds and had several critical health conditions when they arrived at the couple's home. Not only did the woman develop serious bedsores on her lower body, but she also was diagnosed with a skin infection and appeared to be unkempt. The recliner was reportedly covered with the woman's feces and urine.

The man acknowledged that he tried to clean his wife and change her clothes on three recent occasions. He also admitted that the vermin infestation was unacceptable and abnormal, according to police reports.

In this instance, it is possible that the man is suffering from some kind of mental illness that would lead him to this criminal course of action. News reports have not confirmed that the man acted with malicious intent, though prosecutors are seeking a $100,000 bond in the case.

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Source:  www.kansascity.com, "Accuse of leaving ailing wife in chair in filthy house, husband charged with abuse" Glenn E. Rice, Aug. 12, 2013