A Kansas City, Missouri, man is facing criminal charges after allegedly killing another man while he was drunk behind the wheel and talking on his cell phone. The man accused of a DWI in connection with the victim's demise. Official reports indicate that the man, age 24, is formally charged with first-degree involuntary manslaughter and leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident.

Authorities report the victim in the case, age 57, had lost his wife and daughter to a wrong-way drunk driver during the Independence Day weekend in 2011.

Reports from the scene show the victim died after he was struck by the driver, who plowed through a red light. The victim was riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle. Officials found the driver's vehicle near the crash site. The pickup truck had damage consistent with the nature of the collision. The driver, however, was not at the scene.

Initial accident reconstruction put the driver's speed at about 57 miles per hour in a 40-mile per hour zone. The truck plowed through the red light and into the motorcyclist, who was unable to react in time. In addition, witnesses said they had seen the man drinking beer and cocktails at a local tavern. Cell phone records confirm the man was talking to his girlfriend at the time of the crash. That woman's father said the girlfriend had called and told him the driver struck something in the road. She refused to give a statement to police officers.

Officers did not seek blood alcohol analysis in this case because the defendant was not identified until 24 hours after the crash. The accident occurred in early April, but officers wanted to make sure they had built a complete case against the man, featuring witness statements, accident reconstruction and other factors, before they officially charged him.

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Source:  www.kctv5.com, "Man accused of driving drunk, killing man whose daughter, wife died due to drunk driver" DeAnn Smith, Jul. 15, 2013