A 28-year-old former police officer from St. Louis has admitted to drunk driving in connection with a wreck in December 2011. The man had allegedly been drinking before he struck an on-duty officer's SUV, injuring a passenger in his own personal car during a tragic collision. The man had been working for the force for about three years at the time of the wreck.

The man was off-duty at the time of the collision, which happened near Tower Grove Avenue on Christmas Eve 2011. He was reportedly traveling on the wrong side of the road when the crash occurred during the early morning hours. Official reports show that the man smelled of alcohol and appeared confused at the crash site. Furthermore, authorities found empty alcohol containers on the man's floorboards upon inspection. The driver refused to take a breath test, and he did not make statements to officers in the immediate aftermath of the crash.

Additional information shows that the man's passenger, age 28 at the time of the accident, suffered serious brain trauma in connection with the collision. He has recovered from the bleeding in his brain cavity.

The defendant pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree assault in connection with the crash; the formal charge characterizes the incident as causing injury while intoxicated. A DWI charge was dropped by prosecutors because the penalties for the other two charges would be more severe. The man's attorney successfully argued that the state could not determine whether the man's blood alcohol was over the limit because a breathalyzer test was never administered.

The man is slated to be sentenced in late June. He eventually resigned from the force and now works in another industry.

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Source:  www.stltoday.com, "Ex-officer admits being drunk when he collided with department SUV" Jennifer Mann, Jun. 01, 2013