The antics of a group of extreme motorcycle enthusiasts have led police officers in the Kansas City, Missouri, area to crack down on roadway tricks. At least three people have been arrested and are facing criminal charges in connection with the incidents, which have reportedly increased the risk of crashes on major thoroughfares, including Interstate 70.

Authorities say the most recent incident occurred when about 40 motorcycle riders blocked traffic in early June while they videotaped themselves performing roadway stunts. The riders call this practice "killing the streets." The group is accused of rapid lane changes, cutting off cars and increasing accident risk among other motorists on the road.

Further, officers report that several of their own were almost injured during the most recent clean-up effort, which left two bikers and a passenger in custody. One of those bikers performed a stunt that sent him flying into an officer's cruiser on U.S. 40; that officer was attempting to pull over a vehicle that had a makeshift camera crew filming the stunts.

Riders in many cities are forming the groups, with some organizations reaching into the dozens. The groups admit that they are thrill-seekers. Many of the riders sell stickers, videos and other promotional material to gain attention and attract more members to their clubs. Identifying the motorists is difficult, however, because they are wearing full-face helmets. It is important to note that officers are less likely to chase after these riders because of the risk of accidents among innocent drivers.

Officers throughout the area say they intend to police the misdemeanors with more intensity in the future, perhaps even using undercover cops and street intelligence to apprehend the dangerous riders.

The riders in this case are facing moderate penalties for their criminal actions, considering that they are only charged with misdemeanors. Still, they could make use of a qualified professional attorney, who could help them learn more about their legal rights from arraignment to sentencing and beyond.

Source:, "KC police targeting extreme motorcycle riders" No author given, Jun. 16, 2013