Two women who have been implicated in an attack in nearby Springfield are facing more than three decades' prison time in connection with the alleged felony. Authorities report that two victims were attacked by three defendants at about 2:30 a.m. on April 25. The victims allege that their attackers uttered at least one racial slur against them because they were Caucasian.

The 25-year-old female defendant is facing charges of first-degree assault in connection with the case. The other defendant, age 28, has been charged as an accessory; she could receive the same harsh punishment as the younger woman.

The victims in the case, a man and a woman, said they were walking toward a parking garage on College St. when two of the women ran toward them. The women began to fight at that time. Official reports show that the man was able to shout for assistance before a third woman approached. A nearby witness called 911. That person told the police the couple did not appear to do anything to prompt the attack.

Officers report the female victim in the case suffered serious injuries as a result of the attacks. She endured a concussion, several broken bones and abrasions to a variety of body parts. Four of her teeth were also damaged.

Both of the defendants are being held in the Greene County Jail on $75,000 bond each.

The defendants in this case could benefit from a qualified criminal defense attorney to help them understand more about their rights. One of the women claimed the man punched the other woman in the face; this fact could change the nature of the case. Officers were unable to see exactly what happened on the security camera because the scene was too dark. These facts, in the hands of a skilled attorney, may be able to introduce sufficient doubt about the women's guilt. A qualified lawyer could help the defendants understand their rights and responsibilities throughout the entire criminal proceeding.

Source:, "Two women charged in alleged downtown Springfield assault" Jess Rollins, May. 14, 2013