A 34-year-old Missouri man is facing felony charges for allegedly assaulting a young boy that he was homeschooling. The Lake Saint Louis man is facing charges of statutory sodomy in connection with the incidents, which allegedly occurred in January 2013. The man had previously been involved in other children's activities, including early childhood development classes and after-school care at the YMCA. The man has taught at eight different schools in the area since 2006; no other sexual assault cases appear to have been brought forward during that period.

Authorities report the man was teaching third grade at the school where the alleged victim attended fifth grade. That school, Andrews Academy, is a private school in Lake Saint Louis. The man spoke to the boy's parents and convinced him that homeschooling would be a better option, so the boy's family decided to make the transition. The defendant taught the boy five days a week in the family's finished basement, starting in September 2012 until February 2013.

News reports indicate that the man rubbed the boy's back and stomach under his shirt during reading sessions. The touching allegedly escalated in January 2013 when the man placed his hand down the front of the boy's pants and touched him in an intimate way. The boy's mother then contacted police. It appears that the man confessed to the crime. It is not clear at this time whether he intends to plead guilty in connection with the incident.

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Source:  www.stltoday.com, "Teacher sexually assaulted boy, 10, he home-schooled, police say" Susan Weich, May. 06, 2013