A 36-year-old woman from Camdenton, Missouri, is facing felony charges in connection with sexually stalking a pastor and killing a man with a butcher knife. The woman, characterized as an upstanding citizen and member of the church, reportedly admitted to the 2004 murder of a Camdenton man in 2004. Officers said she blurted out a confession while undergoing questioning for the sexual stalking case. She is formally charged with first-degree murder, armed criminal action and aggravated stalking.

The woman maintains a Christian blog online which stresses the power of forgiveness. The woman publicly admits she had sunk into alcohol and drugs earlier in her life, but she had been saved by the healing power of the church.

Authorities report the woman became enamored with the pastor of the Camdenton Bible Baptist Church. When he refused her advances, the woman began sending explicit e-mails with inappropriate content. The man contacted the sheriff's office after finding a notebook at the church that detailed a fictitious account of her sexual fantasies with the pastor. When the woman came to the church to retrieve that notebook, she was arrested for stalking. The pastor said he felt threatened by his parishioner; he feared for his safety, along with that of his family and other church members.

During questioning for the stalking incident, the defendant shocked deputies by allegedly admitting to the April 2004 murder, which reportedly occurred during a drug deal. The woman allegedly traveled to the victim's home in an attempt to purchase drugs. When he told her he did not have any, she jumped on his back and allegedly slit his throat with a butcher knife. She allegedly admitted to being high at the time of the attack.

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Source:  www.kansascity.com, "Woman accused of sexually stalking pastor confesses to 2004 butcher-knife murder" Donald Bradley, May. 12, 2013