A 26-year-old police officer from St. Louis, Missouri, was arrested and charged with domestic assault and resisting arrest after police say he reportedly harmed his boyfriend. The man, a three-year veteran of the police force, has been officially charged with two counts of domestic assault and one count of interfering with arrest. He was taken into custody on March 12 and released the next day. The man has now been suspended without pay.

Authorities report that the man choked his 25-year-old victim and struck his head against a wall in the bathroom. The physical altercation allegedly led to injuries to the victim's head, back and foot. The suspended officer left the home after the fight, at which point the victim called police. The victim was transported to local medical facilities for treatment; the head wound he received required stitches.

The suspect fled from police officers when they approached him at his home, and he initially refused to pull his car over when authorities finally caught up with him. He eventually surrendered.

Internal department investigators further say that the responding officers did not follow procedures when they arrived at the victim's home because they failed to complete a police report on the scene. Instead, a report was filled out when the victim came to the station two days after the incident.

Defense attorneys for the suspect say he was acting in self-defense. The charges are entirely unwarranted, according to the man's legal team, because he never struck the alleged victim. Rather, he contends that the victim fell and struck his head on the wall as he was chasing the defendant through the house. The defendant is not a violent individual, and he is a decorated police officer who would not engage in a domestic incident, according to his attorneys.

The defendant has not yet entered a plea in connection with the charges. He will consult with his attorney to examine his legal options in the case before entering a formal plea.

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, "St. Louis police officer charged with domestic assault," Christine Byers, March 26, 2013