A Georgia man was arrested in Missouri earlier this month in connection with allegedly possessing 200 pounds of marijuana. The man, age 40, was found to be carrying the drugs during a routine traffic stop. The man was being held in the Pemiscot County Jail on felony drug charges including trafficking. It is not clear whether he has been released on bond.

Authorities report that they pulled the man over because of a traffic violation at about 10 p.m. on March 3. During the traffic stop, the man allegedly began to behave strangely, warranting further investigation from the trooper who pulled him over. The man was asked for his consent to search the vehicle, and a drug-sniffing dog was used to inspect the truck and trailer combination.

Officers said the man's vehicle was outfitted with a false compartment in the engine area. That compartment reportedly was storing more than 40 bundles of processed marijuana, according to official reports. It is not clear where the man was bound, or where he allegedly obtained the marijuana.

In this case, the man is facing felony charges because of the large amount of marijuana he was carrying. Police officers likely have a significant amount of evidence against the man, assuming that the substance does test positive as marijuana.

The man should consider entering a guilty plea in connection with the charges. Not only could he potentially receive a reduction or dismissal of charges, but prosecutors might be able to use the man as an informant within his drug-smuggling ring. If the man is willing to provide additional information about other drug distribution efforts, he could be eligible for even more sentence modifications with a guilty plea.

A not-guilty plea, conversely, would allow the man to walk free if he is exonerated of the charges. That would require a jury trial. The man should consult with his criminal defense attorneys before making a plea decision.

Source: The Daily Dunklin Democrat, "MSHP makes arrest on 200-pounds of marijuana," March 12, 2013