A man from St. Louis has been arrested and is facing murder and potential weapons charges in connection with a January slaying. The man, age 40, is accused of shooting a woman in the head while she was preparing a bath on Jan. 4. Authorities say the suspect then dragged the woman's body into her own trunk, hiding the car several blocks away from his own home.

The woman's infant son was found in a car seat in an apartment complex hallway shortly after her disappearance. The suspect's estranged wife reportedly rents an apartment in that facility, according to police investigations.

Media reports show that the man was a previous acquaintance of the victim, who had just arrived for a visit in town. She was reportedly staying with him at the time of the slaying. Friends and family say the woman was visiting from Oklahoma with her new baby.

Even though the man has not entered a plea in connection with the case, local media and authorities have wasted no time vilifying him to the general public. Family members have called the man's arrest "finding justice," even though he has not been convicted of any crime. A recently published article states that the man definitely dragged the woman's body to her vehicle; rather, the man is accused of performing such an act.

It is important to remember that the suspect has not yet entered pleas in connection with his alleged crimes. If he and his defense attorney agree that a jury trial would be suitable, they could enter a not guilty plea. This move, although admittedly riskier, is useful for cases in which minimal or questionable physical evidence is likely to be used.

An additional option for the man would be a guilty plea, in which he would admit to the crime and seek lower sentencing guidelines. This decision is critical to the outcome of the case and should only be reached after careful consultation with an attorney.

Source: BND.com, "First-degree murder charges filed in killing of former East St. Louis mom found in trunk," Carolyn P. Smith, Feb. 27, 2013.