A man from Webster Groves, Missouri, is facing drunk driving charges in connection with an accident earlier this year that led to one fatality. The man, age 44, is facing felony DWI and involuntary manslaughter charges in the case, according to authorities.

The accident happened during the early morning hours, according to reports, when the accused driver struck a guard rail and spun into the westbound lanes of the highway. Authorities report that his car then stalled in westbound lanes of traffic. The oncoming truck driver swerved to avoid the man's vehicle. In the process, the truck driver clipped the car and caused the vehicle to roll. Authorities say the truck driver was killed instantly.

Courtroom documents show that the driver's blood alcohol content was over the 0.08 percent mark, which is the legal limit for driving in the state of Missouri. His blood-alcohol content measured first at 0.16 and then 0.18 shortly after he was apprehended.

The man has since been released on a $50,000 bond.

It is not clear whether this is the man's first DWI offense. In many cases, previous drunk driving convictions can lead to stronger penalties. The nature of this particular incident may lead to harsher penalties.

At this point, there is no word as to how the accused man intends to move ward. There is a chance prosecutors may offer a plea bargain. In this case, the accused man would agree to enter a guilty plea in exchange for a reduced sentence. Sometimes, this may be a person's best legal option, but it is often in a person's best interest to consult with an attorney before making such an impactful decision.

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, "Webster Groves man charged with involuntary manslaughter," Joel Currier, Dec. 17, 2012