A man from Wentzville is facing potential misdemeanor charges in connection with a breaking-and-entering incident earlier this month. The man, age 47, reportedly drove his vehicle onto a local resident's lawn. He then stripped off most of his clothes and began wandering around the family's home, according to reports.

The home's owner assumed that her husband was making the noise at about 2 a.m., but when she turned on the light, she found the intruder in his skivvies. She held him at bay with a stun gun before police arrived.

The man has not yet been formally charged in connection with the incident, but police have acknowledged that he has a drunk-driving history.

Authorities say the man's vehicle was parked outside the family home. The man had apparently wedged his vehicle next to a swing set and attempted to walk over the family's covered pool. Pieces of his clothing were found scattered throughout the premises, so the man was identified based on his wallet, which had also been left behind.

Family members say they accidentally left their back door unlocked after taking the dog out to use the bathroom. Two children were home at the time of the incident, but they remained asleep in their beds.

This suspect will likely face misdemeanor charges in connection with the incident. State law dictates that trespassing and property damage are not felonies if the damage caused amounts to less than $750. Misdemeanor crimes are the less severe versions of their related felonies, and they generally carry lighter sentences. The man may even avoid jail time if he decides to plead guilty, depending on his previous record.

People charged with misdemeanors generally do not face significant prison terms, and they are not remanded into federal custody. The man and his attorney may even be able to negotiate a probation-only settlement with district attorneys.

It is not clear whether the family intends to file a civil claim in the case.

Source: KMOV, "Family wakes up, finds underwear-clad intruder in home," Diana Zoga, Nov. 7, 2012.