A 20-year-old man has been accused of collecting weapons with the intent of attacking moviegoers during a showing of "Twilight" in a Missouri theater. He faces charges related to weapons crimes as a result of the supposed plan. The man's mother reported her son, fearing that he would injure others.

The suspect has reportedly admitted that he planned to attack a local cinema and Wal-Mart store. In addition to this most recent accusation, the man was arrested after he attempted to attack a store associate in 2009.

The man's mother told media outlets that her son suffers from Asperger's Syndrome, a form of autism that prevents normal social functioning. Mental health professionals have also suspected that the man has borderline personality disorder, she said, along with depression. That medical diagnosis was made in 2009 after the Wal-Mart incident. She said he grew up in the shadow of his successful older sister, which may have exacerbated his existing mental health concerns. In this case, the court may take into the man's condition, as mental health treatment may be more appropriate than criminal sanctions.

Reports go further to say that the accused man was trying to imitate the shooter who killed several during a movie screening in Aurora, Colorado.

As the case moves to trial, the court will have many important factors to consider when reaching a verdict and potential sentence. Public attention surrounding this case should not influence the outcome, as it's important for the trial to remain impartial. As such, taking into account only the facts of the case is vital to ensure that it is resolved fairly.

The man faces charges for first-degree assault, armed criminal action and making a terrorist threat.

Source: MSNBC, "Mom: 'Twilight' movie attack plot suspect 'born different,'" Associated Press, Nov. 21, 2012