A woman who had killed two women during a drunk driving accident in August 2011 will likely only serve four months in jail, according to information out of St. Charles County. We had reported on the case in July, when the woman pleaded guilty to two counts of involuntary manslaughter in a St. Louis courtroom.

The woman's attorney clearly played a big role in securing the client's suspended sentence. The woman pleaded guilty to killing two elderly women while driving on Interstate 70. Two hours after the crash, the woman's blood alcohol content was about 0.13 percent. The legal limit for drivers in Missouri is 0.08 percent.

Legal reports show that the woman was sentenced to 10 years on each count, but she has been given an opportunity to undergo an intensive therapy option. If she successfully completes that program, she will serve out the rest of her term on probation.

As a condition of her probation, the woman is prohibited from consuming alcohol. She also has to undergo counseling and write letters of apology to the victims' families. In addition, the woman will be required to complete 400 hours of community service in the local area.

During the woman's sentencing hearing, a number of community members testified on her behalf, including fellow churchgoers and other friends and family. The woman herself also testified that she had been self-medicating with alcohol because of difficult life events, including an apparent rape. That behavior played a role in her actions on the day of the fatal accident, she said.

Family members and friends of the victims say they are not pleased with the verdict. Some of the courtroom viewers called the woman's sentence a mere slap on the wrist. The judge reported that he had extensively considered all aspects of the case, saying that there were good people on both sides of the courtroom.

It is not clear whether the families intend to pursue a civil case in connection with the deaths.

Source: The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, "Dardenne Prairie woman gets shock time for drunken-driving crash that killed 2," Susan Weich, Sept. 19, 2012