A 17-year-old resident of St. Louis has been accused of multiple felonies after a reported robbery overnight robbery spree. The young man, who was recently charged in a Missouri court, faces 10 felony charges, including three counts of attempted robbery and one count of property damage. He is also accused of armed criminal damage and resisting arrest, according to local authorities.

Information from a preliminary investigation shows that the young man began the alleged robbery streak at about late one night last month, when he allegedly robbed two women in a vehicle at gunpoint. He told the women to exit their car and give him their purses, according to statements. He also allegedly took their vehicle. After that incident, the teen reportedly approached several other pedestrians, demanding money and issuing physical threats.

After several other encounters with individuals throughout the city, the teen was reportedly spotted at a gas station by a police officer. After he was spotted, he attempted to flee, but he forgot that he had left the gas hose in the car, causing damage at the pump, according to reports. The young man was eventually apprehended after police claim he disobeyed several traffic signals.

The teen has admitted his involvement in the robbery spree, which concluded at about several hours after it began, according to police officials. He is currently in custody in the St. Louis City Jail, and he is subject to a cash-only $150,000 bond.

It is not clear whether the teen intends to proceed with his trial, though his admission of guilt will likely play a role in that decision. By pleading guilty, the young man could avoid a stricter punishment by going directly before a judge instead of undergoing a jury trial, if it is part of a plea deal offered by prosecutors. In some cases, accepting such a deal can be beneficial to a defendant. However, it is always important to consult with an experienced legal professional before making such a monumental decision, especially considering this young man's age. The hope is that he will be treated fairly at all stages of the proceedings.

Source: St. Louis Today, "St. Louis teen accused in Sunday morning robbery spree," Valerie Schremp Hahn, Aug. 27, 2012