A prominent player for the St. Louis Rams has been charged with drunk driving in connection with a single-car accident that occurred last month. Robert Quinn, a defensive end for the team, was taken into custody after police responded to the accident. The crash reportedly took place during the early morning hours, just off the interstate highway.

Officers on the scene said the man was rather cooperative with their requests. He posted bail and was released the next morning. In addition to charges for drunk driving, Quinn was cited for failure to exercise a high degree of care and failing to purchase insurance. The preliminary hearing for those charges is slated for the fall, according to court representatives.

Media reports have not indicated whether the man received a breath or blood test to check his blood alcohol content. Without that information, it is difficult to determine what exactly the football player will be up against when he has his day in court Furthermore, the vagueness of the charges and police reports makes it difficult to determine whether the man was speeding, confused or distracted.

Even professional athletes players get in trouble sometimes and it looks as though Quinn will have to launch an active defense to help him pass over this speed bump. Luckily, it appears that this was the man's first DWI offense, and no one else was injured in the crash. Those factors may serve to reduce the severity of the consequences faced by the Ram's star defensive player, since everyone makes mistakes on occasion.

Source: Yahoo! Sports, "Rams' Robert Quinn charged with drunken driving," Jim Salter, July 19, 2012