A man from St. Louis has been hit with multiple charges in connection with a first-degree robbery that occurred last month. He has not yet been apprehended by police. The man faces felony charges for his alleged involvement with the incident, including eight counts of criminal action, several counts related to sexual abuse and a single count of first-degree assault.

The man has been accused of assaulting a group of 12- to 17-year-old girls as they stood in front of their home late one night. He allegedly forced the girls to undress by threatening them with violence, and then he reportedly made sexual contact with them. After that, the man is accused of stealing their mobile phones and making a getaway.

It is not clear what evidence the authorities have to connect this man with the incident in question. His home is coincidentally about 10 blocks away from the area where the assault occurred, but media outlets have not reported that any physical evidence has been recovered that could identify the suspect.

Considering that the attack happened at night, eyewitness testimony may not be the most reliable form of evident. In many cases, the validity of eyewitness accounts has been challenged due to a variety of factors that can interfere with a person's recollection of an incident.

At this time, the man has not yet been apprehended, but police are currently searching for him. If the man is apprehended, he will have many vital decisions to make as the criminal process moves forward. Since the consequences for these charges are so serious, it will be important for him to consult with a legal professional to determine what the best course of action may be.

The sensitive nature of this case could admittedly make it difficult for a jury to truly remain impartial. As such, it may be even more critical that steps are taken to make sure that the man receives fair treatment as the trial proceeds.

Source: St. Louis Today, "St. Louis man charged in attack in which girls were fondled, robbed," Aug. 2, 2012