A Chesterfield man who had been accused of several felonies in connection with an embezzlement scheme at a medical office found himself back in jail after violating his pre-trial release. The man, who is accused of pilfering more than $2.8 million from the office, was found to possess a deadly weapon, which went against the terms of his bail.

Although his rescinded bail hearing was set to take place quite soon, the court date has been postponed because the man was stung by a scorpion at his father's Arizona home.

The man was turned in by his brother, who found the knife in their father's home, where the accused had been staying. The suspect is accused of both committing fraud and violating the national "stolen valor" law by pretending to be a decorated war hero. The man had been the chief executive at the Chesterfield-based Metropolitan Urological Specialists practice. His employment there was terminated in September 2011.

The man is accused of exhibiting increasingly strange behavior, such as excessive drinking during breaks from work and on the weekends. He allegedly eventually stopped coming in to the office altogether. Employees were directed to bring him paperwork at a local bar instead.

The man also is said to have purchased more than 44 pieces of jewelry from a local retailer during the alleged embezzlement period. Those items were estimated to be worth about $620,000, according to investigators.

His business decisions also became increasingly suspect, according to his co-workers. They say that he often instructed them to pay for bizarre expenses, including gambling debts, restaurant bills of more than $10,000, and vacations for top executives.

Knowing that the man's behavior changed markedly before he was suspected of committing acts of embezzlement, it will be important for his defense team to gain a full understanding of the man's situation. The dramatic change in behavior could reveal underlying problems that provide explanations as to why he has been charged with various white collar crimes. In these types of cases, it is best to follow the advice of a trustworthy legal professional, in order to secure an outcome that accurately reflects the evidence and circumstances behind the supposed criminal activities.

Source: St. Louis Today, "Man charged with embezzlement from Chesterfield company now accused of violating bail," Jim Doyle, June 1, 2012.