A recent DWI arrest has rocked the Missouri law enforcement community. One police official was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving while on St. Louis roads.

In a bizarre incident earlier this month, the executive director of the St. Louis Major Case Squad was taken into custody after being arrested at a DWI checkpoint. The man, a former police captain for the city, was driving on a local road when he was apprehended.

Information about the officer's blood alcohol content and sobriety test results has not been released. Additionally, the exact circumstances of his arrest are unclear.

The man posted bail and was released, but news outlets could not reach him for comment. Officials refused to release any details about the case, though the chairman of the Major Case Squad board expressed concerns over the arrest. He indicated that he has spent a significant amount of time with the director of the squad and did not believe he consumed alcohol.

The Major Case Squad consists of detectives from several St. Louis agencies. These officers investigate some of the city's most complicated and heinous crimes, often involving homicides and other gruesome acts. The man had been appointed to the part-time executive director position about five years ago.

Although he is not directly involved in investigating crimes, he still has made valuable contributions to overall public safety. The man's police squad solves over 80 percent of its cases, which is a significant accomplishment.

Up until his arrest, the man had sterling record of keeping the community safe. The reality is that a number of things can go wrong during the course of a traffic stop and subsequent arrest for drunk driving. The man has not been asked to step down from his position within the law enforcement community, because they are waiting to see how the case plays out. In order to preserve this man's solid reputation, his legal team will have to carefully examine the evidence and reports submitted by the arresting officers in order to uncover any inconsistencies.

Source: STLToday, "Major Case Squad executive director arrested for DWI," staff reports, April 3, 2012