Most teenagers usually concern themselves with high school drama, but some young people are dealing with more serious issues. Though they may not be bad people, teenagers are susceptible to the temptations of participating in less than legal activities. One Missouri teen is facing very serious drug charges after law enforcement officers were sent to his home based on a tip.

Police received word from the 17-year-old's parents that they believed he was in possession of illegal substances, so officers went to his home to investigate. When they arrived, they found narcotics and arrested the young man on a felony charge.

Possession of a controlled substance is a Class C Felony in Missouri, so the teenager faces some very steep penalties that could follow him for the rest of his life if he is convicted. In addition to this charge, there are other pending charges against the young man.

The local police chief expressed his sadness and disappointment that the young man fell into drug use and hopes the department can do more to help at-risk youth. He also re-iterated the need for the community to "aid in the prevention of drug abuse."

This case really is unfortunate in nature: the teenager was led astray. On the other hand, he has many years to turn his life around. Since the young man has potential, the focus of this case should be rehabilitation. The criminal justice system should consider giving this young man another chance to improve himself.

Employing the services of a trustworthy legal professional can make all the difference in a case like this one. A good attorney will recognize the serious nature of the crime and work tirelessly to ensure that the young man is treated fairly during his trial. Having effective representation could mean the difference between an unnecessarily stiff penalty and the ability to have a second chance down the road.

Source: KCRG-TV, "Belle teen facing drug charges," Daniel Winn, Feb. 26, 2012